IS & Communications Committee

About Us

The purpose of the Information Systems and Communications (IS&C) Committee is to provide centralized guidance and recommendations to the Town of Millis operating authorities with respect to the Town's use of products, services and technology to fulfill the communications and information systems needs of the Town's departments.

Specifically, the IS&C Committee will regularly examine the manner in which existing technologies are utilized to meet current needs and review with the departments the potential use of new technologies to better meet their future needs. These reviews will involve, but not necessarily be limited to, the use of communications lines and equipment, servers, PCs, mobile devices and associated software operating systems and applications to be incorporated into the Town's operating infrastructure. The IS&C Committee will then work with the Town's operating authorities to develop and update a strategic plan to address the implementation of these technologies into existing systems on a regular basis.

Committee Members

Name Title
Peter C. Jurmain Chair
Richard Harlow Vice Chair
Jesse McCain Clerk
James J. McCaffrey BOS Liaison