Open Burning Information

Open Burning Season

January 15th- May 1st

Between the hours of 10am-4pm

The Open Burning Season opens on Tuesday January 15th and for residents to be allowed to burn you must obtain an open burning permit from the Fire Department.

Residents must come to the fire station and fill out a burning permit application and pay the $5 fee in cash or by check, payable to the Town of Millis.

On the day you wish to burn you must call the burning permit registration line at (508)906-3310 and listen to the message, if burning is allowed you must leave your name and permit # to be allowed to burn.

Residents are urged to call after 9am to allow the State and Fire Department to determine if burning is allowed.

All fires must be extinguished by 4pm and no fires can be started after 2pm.

Burning of Stumps, leaves, fields, rubbish or building materials is not permitted.

The use of Gasoline is prohibited!

Burning must be 75 feet from any building and piles should be small and manageable.

Someone must attend and control the fire at all times.

Any violations of the regulations could result in your permit being revoked.

A burning permit does not release a party from liability for damage or extend any right to create a nuisance condition due to excess or drifting smoke.

For questions please contact the Fire Department at 508-376-2361.