Charter Review Committee

The Charter Review Committee shall conduct a comprehensive review of the organizational structure of Town government to determine what amendments, if any, should be made to the Home Rule Charter.  The deliberations should consider ideas that enhance the ability of Town government to effectively administer the policies established by the citizens of the Town expressed through Town Meeting and voter approved initiatives.

The Committee will consider the specific needs of the Town and review and analyze opportunities to improve government functions.  Fact finding should include determining what is working well in towns similar to Millis.

Upon its appointment, the Committee should prepare a detailed work plan and timetable for conducting its work, including the specific subjects to be considered.  This timetable should address the amendment adoption process and take into account any Town Meeting, voter and/or State legislative approvals.

The Committee shall be made up of 5 to 7 members, including a majority of members who do not hold eleted or appointed positions in Town.  The Committee shall appoint a chair from its citizen at large members.

The Town Administrator shall be a non-voting member.



Nancy Sitta

Vice Chair

Doreen Hayes


Diane Jurmain


Craig Schultze


Non-Voting Member

Town Administrator

Doug Riley